02 February 2007

The Slow Knitter

I start projects.

I start projects and let them dwindle, sit, acquire dust. It's a terrible habit, but I just have so much going on that I can only do so much at a time.

I haven't touched my spinning wheel since the fall. I've only barely touched my knitting this year... Between work, rugby, and my book club...I feel like I have no time.

But this year, I aspire to do lots of things. Lots of things outside of work, rugby and book club... Things like going to museums, going hiking, spinning more and knitting more. I really want to finish some of the projects that I've started: the orange scarf, the never-ending sweater, the green cable-knit hat. I think I have a knit top from 2004 that is finished but in need of assembly...

Here's a toast to the slow knitter, may she finish the unfinished in 2007.

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