27 March 2007

Craft store musings...

After work last week, I sped over to Michael's and JoAnn Crafts to get supplies for creating "Rookie Packets" for my rugby team's new players. I wanted to make the crowns top of the line, since our rookies are pretty awesome.

The goal is to simultaneously embarrass them and make them very visible.

After some brain-storming, I decided to go with a head-gear of sorts. The components would be this:
  • Burger King crown
  • crinoline/tulle
  • blue and gold ribbon
  • a lightning bolt in the design/fashion of the rookie's choosing
This year, we have a good number of rookies, so I had to acquire a good amount of crinoline and tulle for them to use.

While in line at the counter, a portly, middle-aged woman looked at the contents of my basket and said, "Oh! It looks like you're going to be making crowns."

To which I replied, "Yes, I will be, or at least providing the ingredients."

And she replied back, "I'll bet there are 8 year old princesses involved."

Trying not to laugh and thinking about the Furies little princesses that will be chugging beer while wearing their crowns, I said, "Something like that..."

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