14 May 2007

Back in the swing of things.

I spent a gorgeous weekend alternating between Carborro, Chapel Hill and Durham, NC. As always, it was a delight to be with my college friends. I adore them so much it borders on obsession.

The pace of life down there is considerably slower and more appealing to me than that of the DC area. My time spent down there included: wine bar, a lovely independent coffee shop, a gourmet popsicle shop and a member's only dance party at a dive bar. I watched my friend's grad school graduation. I relaxed in the sun. I returned my friend's dress, along with a sexy pencil skirt of hers that I'd borrowed. And I spent a ton of time loitering at the Weaver Street Market, a community owned market and grocery store. In between gorgeous sun and periodic thunderstorms, I enjoyed some incredible food and some good knitting.

I took several UFOs with me: the Furies scarf, a cabled green hat, the pastel baby booties and I also dragged my new yarn from Maryland Sheep and Wool. I finished the Furies scarf - all that remains is sewing on a label. (Yes, I do have a label that says "Handmade by Sarah.") I also made some good progress on the green hat. A friend was nice enough to drive most of the way to and from NC, so that gave me ample time to work on my projects....and to organize my needles.

This afternoon, for my lunch break, I actually got outside, which I seldom do. I took the green hat with me and cranked out another inch. It was bright and sunny out, and I had some company...

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Camilla said...

super progress! love the chart!
glad you guys had a fun weekend...