08 March 2007


So, at the request of a friend, I purchased yarn from a local knitting store and started knitting a matching hat and scarf in the colors of the Naval Academy. I purchased the yarn last September...and started knitting last December.

6 months later, I realize I have miscalculated my pattern and that the striped scarf is bound to be uneven. And over a full year after the initial purchase, it's finally finished.

My friend Liz has seen me tink (un-knit) many-a-project in order to restart and redo. But this time, I'm not going to do it. My mom says that it has charm because of it's lopsidedness. I think she might be lying.

1 comment:

juju said...

lopsidedness is hot. besides, we wouldn't know what to say if you produced something too straight