21 May 2007

Knitting Fool!!

I'm in the process of moving, and in so doing, I've unearthed so many UFO's (unfinished objects).

I found a finished baby cardigan that needs buttons. I found half of a (really ugly) pink sweater for a little girl who is now much too big to fit into it. I found 3/4's of a cute navy blue v-neck sweater. And a (really gross) brown scarf whose pattern I've long lost.

Amidst all of those projects and the moving, I have managed to get some good knitting in.

Here are a couple of the projects that I've been working on, and a couple that I've finished. Miraculously.

Furies Chunky Ribbed Scarf

Simple Pastel Baby Booties

Rainbow sock in progress


Nancy said...

whoa! way to go. you're an inspiration!

my sewing machine broke so i'll be looking to you as my model for a very knitty few weeks while it is away for surgery!

Elizabeth said...

I would like to submit a request for a really ugly brown scarf. Thank you.

Jo Bader said...

Yay for the Furies scarf!!