07 May 2007

New acquisitions and old projects

I spent Sunday wandering around the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. The weather was amazing, the food was unhealthy and there were many things to admire and touch. The crowd was much smaller than when I went last year, which made navigating and shopping much more manageable. I was particularly taken by some of the Aran sweaters that were being offered. It made me want to get away from the simple projects that I've been knitting recently, and move more towards the challenging projects that I enjoy.

I did come away from the festival with several pounds worth of fiber to spin, as well as some nice yarn to make a replacement scarf for my friend Karen. The fiber I got is mostly merino...which is a bit of a luxury. We should all treat ourselves sometimes! I got a mix of solids and blends...almost 3 bags full. (Again, please excuse the photos...I'm making due with a cell phone camera.)

In project news, I've finished my orange scarf for my friend who moved to Georgia. Luckily, I'll be seeing her this coming weekend, so I can give it to her then. And I've made some good progress on the Furies colored scarf (and I figured out which teammate I am making it for). I'll be going on a road trip heading to North Carolina for the weekend. I'm hoping that my road trip buddy, Carolyn, will drive part way (to practice driving a standard) and thereby allow me to put in some good work on this scarf. Once that scarf is finished, I'll be delving into the knitting storage underneath my bed to unearth other unfinished knitting projects.

I'll be moving this month, and once that's done with, I'm hoping to spend some quality time with my spinning wheel and crank my way through some of my newly acquired fiber, and some of the old fiber that I have.