03 May 2007

The Ramifications of San Francisco

This past week, I spent some time visiting a friend in San Francisco. I encouage you to check out her blog: http://vonderheyde.blogspot.com/

It was my maiden voyage to San Francisco, and I definitely think that I could live there. Of course, I'd prefer to live after I've won the lottery so that I can run a knitting shop and take spinning lessons, and have a dye garden.

The city seemed bright and colorful to me, being used to DC's dull greys.

I was particularly enamoured by the many independently owned shops. There was an incredible array of shops from designer clothes to coffee served out of a warehouse-type storage unit (with barista's vespas tucked in the back). I must have spent over $100 on adorable notecards. Check out Egg and the Urban Mercantile and maybe a little bit of Lola of North Beach as well... They both carried an amazing amount of adorable stationary - I had a difficult time controling myself. Expect to get many pieces of snail mail in the immediate future.

I did really err when we went to Paper Source buying more stationary, stamps, ink pads and blank notecards. Even though I'm not engaged or planning on becoming so anytime soon, I'm thinking of sending out wedding invitations just because the ones at Paper Source were so attractive. :) So, I've already started writing people, and stamping blank cards... Someday, I'll have a digital camera that works better than my phone.

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Camilla said...

thanks for the props - both for my blog and city!

sf rocks.

ps. love the new blog! keep writing and crafting and spinning...