10 May 2007

Stop Staring!

I'm both happy and sad.

I'm happy and very excited that I get to go to visit all of my friends down in North Carolina.

However, I'm really sad that I have to give up the most gorgeous dress that I've ever had in my possession. But, since I borrowed it, I should return it.

My friend Gillian has impeccable taste. It's amazing. She can dress the most unstylish of us up and make us look like runway models. She lent me a dress of hers that she got from Stop Staring!, an online shop specializing in vintage inspired dresses. The dress I borrowed is to the left. (Photo courtesy of Stop Staring!)

Oh, and did I mention it fans out when you twirl in it...yeah.

These dresses are well made and beautiful.

I actually try and avoid the website since I'm feeling particularly poor these days. I'll consider myself lucky that Gillian and I both wear a size medium, and that I got to have custody of the dress for a little while.

Definitely check out their site...and feel free to buy me any of the dress on there. :)


Eternal Sunshine said...

Love the dress! The rugby was good. Lots of broken bones though and lots of ambulances driving around, I was glad to not be in one!

Nancy said...

oh.my.gosh. that dress is fantastic. it would be a HUGE wrench to have to give up something that perfect and flattering and twirly. seems to me you deserve to have that baby in your closet...

Mary Tess said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog about the list. It was fun to do and has inspired me to add to my knitting repertoire. I couldn't figure out how to email you directly so I'm posting here. Since you like vintage clothing you might like the blog called "A Dress A Day." Erin is a sewer, a collector of vintage patterns and clothing and a witty writer as well.