09 May 2007

Sunny with a chance of knitting

So, after a rough day yesterday, my friend Jocelyn and I went out.

We had carefully scrutinized our options and wanted to maximize the bang for our buck. The entire day that I was in the hole of my office, I had no idea how amazing it was going to be outside. We headed out into the afternoon sun with our plan. Union Pub. You can't beat it. (Serniously, check out their happy hour specials.) Their Tuesdays are great. On Tuesdays at Union Pub, it's ladies night, which means ladies drink free Rail Drinks and House Drafts from 4-5pm, then $1 from 5-7pm. Terrible. (Image borrowed from AOL's Digital City.)

There we sat, beer after beer, tasty food after tasty food, on the patio in the sunshine, with me knitting. It was awesome.

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James said...

I wonder if getting sloshed will help me get more knitting done. I'm gonna try tomorrow! Cheers.