19 June 2007


Man am I bummed.

So, here I am plugging away at my Rusted Root and it looks as though I've made some sort of mistake. I can't quite figure out what I did wrong, but when I went to increase on the sleeves, I was short stitches. I'm completely befuddled having been following the pattern very closely.

I'm a member of the Sexy Knitters Club, so I'm going to comb through their blog and see if anyone else has had the same type of problem. I'm pretty sure that I should just start over and pay closer attention. Blah.

I intentionally left it at home today so I wouldn't be tempted to restart it at work.

Anywho, I am planning on going to my LYS, A Tangled Skein, to make sure that I have the correct needles for the project...and get a few extras that I need for other projects! Woo! I might even venture up to Stitch DC later this week and play around there too.

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