07 June 2007


I'm heading up to Maine tonight...and I'll be flying.

And you know what flying means ... lots of knitting.

I'm not sure how long the flight will be, but I'm excited to have some pure, unadulterated knitting time. Is it bad that I'll be schlepping 5 projects with me? I'm going to drag the cabled sweater, the Furies hat, Karen's scarf (that I have started and pulled out several times), a little something with orange yarn and ... eek ... my yet-to-be-start Rusted Root. I got the pattern today.

I know I'm not supposed to start any new projects, but I think the bottom line is...I won't be able to finish the tank or baby cardigan, so why drag them along.

Why not just start something new and fresh!?!?

It's probably a bad idea, but I've been so diligent recently about working on projects and finishing them... Wish me luck!

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Nancy said...

oooh! have a great trip! and i love your banner.