12 June 2007

Karen's Scarf

I'm telling yah. Sometimes scarves are hard for me.

I have knit and pulled out the beginnings of Karen's scarf so many times that I hardly know what to do. I had to cut yarn that I'd begun knitting with because it was so exhausted looking.

After trying cabling, ribbing and many different needles. I settled into garter stitch. The yarn I'm working with is an alpaca blend from the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival... If the needles are too small, it's scratchy. If they're too big, it's too airy looking. The garter stitch is working for me. I'm contemplating felting it, but I'll have to knit a swatch and felt it first to see how the yarn reacts. And I was thinking of making a Zeebee to match the scarf!

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