01 June 2007

:::le sigh:::

Fridays are hard for me. I don't want to sit still and I can't focus on work. I spent so much time thumbing through a knitting book that I had at the office that I had to go put it in my car. Otherwise, I might not have gotten anything done today. I feel unfocused and unsettled...


:::le sigh:::

I need a new job - perhaps one where knitting is involved...or one that I like.

Here's the view from my desk - note the too-small cabled baby booty. It doubles as a pen cover/decoration.

As for the knitting, I have made some progress on the cabled sweater. I finished the back of it and have started on the front of it. I metro'd into work today, and therefore had the opportunity to crank out a little more. Because of the rising price in gas, and my need to knit more often, I am going to be taking public transport into the office more frequently.

Please pardon the picture. As usual, my cell phone doesn't really do a great job. But you can get a sense of how things are going. And no. It is not whatever yellow color that is. It's just a natural off-white type color - think standard Aran sweater.

And here you can see a detail of the center cable. God, I love cables.

The pattern that I'm using is the Plain Vanilla Aran from Janet Szabo's Handbook of Aran Sweater Design. (You can buy it directly from Janet at Big Sky Knitting Designs.) The copy that I'm using looks like this. However, I've found out that there's a new and corrected edition out there that has a new cover, and was professionally printed. My version is merely a spiral bound handbook with some exciting errors...that I've worked hard to correct.

In the midst of unpacking, packing, organizing and attempting to sleep while cats fight around me... I'm hoping that this weekend's knitting is more fruitful than last... Wish me luck.

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