06 June 2007

Making progress.

I frogged the Furies hat down to just below the pattern. I was using a 7 for the whole thing. I kept the bottom part and switched to a size 9 for the pattern. I know that's a pretty large jump. Since I don't have much experience switching between colors, I needed to accommodate for my inability to judge how much slack to leave while bringing the unused color along behind...

I'm almost through the wave part of the pattern. I'm sure that it will be lovely when I'm done and it doesn't look too shabby now!

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knittin gin said...

Hi Sarah!
Sorry you're having touble with your hat but it's looking great. What a cute pattern!

Thanks so much for commenting on my blog about my entrelac bag. You really should try entrelac sometime - it's pretty addictive. I just finished my third bag!