25 June 2007

Rusted Root confusion.

I love it.

I think I've got the hard part figured out - the lace. My lace doesn't look half bad (for my first time doing lace.) The lace will need some substantial blocking before this garment is wearable though.

For some reason, I'm hung up on the sleeves. Even though the pattern says to increase the sleeves steadily along....I am concerned that they will end up too big. So, I'm stalled and am questioning the wise Zephyr Style message boards for help. I hope someone gets back to me. It's really just a yes or no answer that I need. Do I increase the sleeves past round 11? Yes or no.

In other news, instead of knitting, I spent the weekend playing Sevens (a type of fast paced rugby). I've played rugby for years, but this was my first time at Sevens. It was awesome. Well, it was awesome except when I was dropped in a lineout. Good times.

PS: My friends suck. They totally aren't going to do the meme.


herding tapeworms said...

you need more meme patience my friend. i have been busy hiding piercings and getting stuck on planes for hours on end. your meme is in the mail (as soon as i get to work)

Anonymous said...

I'm knitting RR as well - I have been knitting the increases in the sleeves past row 11. My thought was that if I didn't knit those increases, the armholes wouldn't be big enough once the sleeves are divided from the body because the sleeves would stay the same size every round past the K2, K1F&B&F&B section.

If I'm wrong, my sleeves are gonna be REALLY poofy...that's a scary thought. I hope they reply to your post soon!