19 June 2007


I went up to Georgetown's StitchDC today. It's a cute store once you get there, and getting there involves parking.

I parked a few blocks away, and had it not been a) 90 degrees and b) swarming with tourists, Georgetown wouldn't have been so bad.

I got the size needles that I needed, but I was a bit disappointed that they had mostly Addi Turbo knitting needles. I have a difficult time working with cotton and Addi needles.

Because I am short on time this evening, I think I will save A Tangled Skein for an afternoon/evening when I have more time to tool around. This weekend... hmm... When I was in Baltimore this past weekend, I also attempted to head to Woolworks, forgetting that they are closed on Sundays. :(

It's been a hard transition for me. Even since moving from Fredericksburg, I still save up my knitting needs for when I'm in town and can swing by the Knitter's Cottage. The owner, Nancy, was quite a bit older than I am, but had a delightful sense of humor, remembered everyone's names and was incredibly helpful. I think that I keep going to DC Metro knitting shops hoping that they will provide me with that same small town atmosphere...but not so. :::sigh:::

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