18 June 2007

Trip to my LYS needed

As usual, the weekend wasn't long enough. I hate that I think that every Monday.

Friday, I went to dinner and a movie and lost my favorite cable needle about an hour into Pirates of the Caribbean. I was plugging away at my cabled sweater. It's already 9.5 inches long, and I start shaping the armholes at 14.

Saturday, I made a run to Target and ended up getting a bin like this for my knitting. This is the large. I got a medium for $9.99 to fit under a bedside table and be filled with knitting! (Photo courtesy of Target.com.)

Saturday night (at a party), I swatched for Zephyr Style's Rusted Root, using some brown cotton yarn that I have. Needless to say, when using your stash, it seems that acquiring the correct gauge is an art (wrong yarn, wrong needles, wrong density, wrong feel). So, here's the excitement: I needed a different size needle than suggested by the pattern. All I've got is a 16 inch circular in the size I need, but I really need a 24" and a 32". I couldn't help it - I was desperate to start a new project. And I did. (I realize that my 5% percentage bar is inaccurate, but 1 or 2% seemed unworthy of putting up on the site. Since I did so much work swatching, I felt justified in putting it up there.)

In order to get the proper tools for working on this pattern, I am planning on making a trip to my relatively new LYS tomorrow: A Tangled Skein. I've never been, but I've heard that it's cute. I hope that I have the strength to stick to my shopping list and get only needles and no yarn...

Here's where I am on Rusted Root:

Here's where I am on the sweater:

And to show you today's knitting bag (it varies daily):

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