28 June 2007

Working from home.

I am working from home today, which has been good for my soul.
I've been sitting outside working on a newsletter in the company of my newly repotted plants. They don't have names, but I do love all of them very much.

That's an African Violet that my mom gave me. I've had her for a couple years.

In between struggling through this newletter project, I've had time to nibble on some fresh ginger scones that I made this morning, and do a bit of knitting. Most of the knitting in the picture below was done last night...while watching stupid Law & Order, the most addictive show ever created. (Note the scone in the middle of everything - I think that may have been scone #3.)

Here's a close-up of the yarn I'm using. I've posted pics before -but this is a better rendition of the colors. I took the picture outside with ye olde camera phone, in the beautiful sunlight and it turned out pretty well.

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