18 July 2007

Alternative Crafting.

I spent about 30 minutes balancing my checkbook today. If that's not a type of craft or artform, it should be. I hadn't touched it in over 3 weeks, and I've been a spending fool recently. I know it was just simple addition and subtraction, but it felt like I was doing calculus.

Rusted Root. :::sigh::: She lives. The redo-lace operation went well. She's in recovery. She should be just fine by the end of the day. I'm hoping to head to a coffee shop later today with a friend. That would give me ample time to work on her and do a little therapy. On a day like today, where the humidity is nearly 60%...iced coffee is a godsend.

I know she's looking a little rough, but she'll be alright, I promise.

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