05 July 2007

Finished under fireworks.

I finally finished up Karen's scarf yesterday. It looks great - it's long and wuzzy. I will post some pictures once I've woven in the ends.

Next step, knit up a Zeebee to match the scarf...and one for me once I find the right yarn. A little garter stitch love never hurt anyone. I can't wait. I love the lumpy cuteness of the hat. You can check out the link for a picture, or here's one, picture courtesy of Brooklyn Tweed.

Since I haven't heard back on the Zephyr message board, I'm taking my Anonymous friend's word. I have tinked several rows back and I am ready to move full steam ahead on Ye Olde Rusted Root.

I did go and see some great fireworks last night here in DC. I got to watch them from the Federal Reserve Board. It was an amazing view. See the crappy picture I took with my phone at left.

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bruiser said...

can you send me a copy of the fireworks photo?