26 July 2007

The Future Project Run-Down

My list of projects to do soon is always changing.

From a previous post, but updated, here's a list of things I need to finish:
Eek!! I really haven't made it through so many of those, have I??

And here's an up-to-date selection of the things I hope to accomplish in the coming year.
I definitely will have my hands full. I just hope that I can simultaneously start stash-busting projects and get through some of these. Of course, with all that new yarn I purchased, I'm ready for projects like the Central Park Hoodie and Fifi. And I'll be looking for yarn and a good project for the redhead, as well.

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Amanda said...

I bought yarn to knit Sheldon yesterday online. Hopefully he turns out as cute as his picture! Are you planning on giving yours as a gift or keeping it and letting your 10 year old self live on?