04 July 2007

Knit of July.

To quote a friend about the fourth: "America, F*ck Yeah."

I mean, I guess I agree. But really, REALLY what the fourth means to me is: waking up early to the sound of my obnoxious neighbor's car engine being revved...at 8am; getting up early to go for Starbucks with the redhead; heading to Target for a milk frother only to spend over $150 on adorable clothes, most of which are Isaac Mizrahi (I hate him - he's gay and Jewish and STYLISH - my two three favorite things)...and no milk frother; eating calzones for breakfast; playing online and knitting!!!

I am working tinking (unknitting - knit spelled backwards even) some of rusted root. I need to go back a couple rows so that I can add the proper increases to the sleeves. I haven't heard back from the Zephyr message boards, but I am going to take the advice of my Anonymous friend who left me a comment.

I am also hoping to finish Karen's scarf. (How wide does that thing need to be anyways?)

And work on the orange thing.

And I'll probably peruse my stash to see what could work for knitting Fifi, the Sexy Knitters Club's new KAL.

I'll post some pikkies later.


Camilla said...

fun day! btw, i saw a $1 milk frother at IKEA so you could go there for that - if you are needing to save after the clothes splurge (i always do that at target)!

Sara S. said...

Your weekend sounds exactly what I want to do this weekend-- relax and shop. Once I went into Target only to buy toothpaste, and I came out negative $170.

Elizabeth said...

dude, $150? I thought you already HAD all of target's clothes...