07 July 2007

Luther's new hideout.

Aside from the heat, today is a gorgeous day. I've been alternating cleaning and spending some quality time with my kitty outside.

Once I'm finished vacuuming the basement den, I'm going to do some work on Rusted Root and weave in the ends of Karen's scarf.

Here are a few pics from hanging out with Luther. I went outside and I couldn't figure out where he was... It took a second, but I found him. Look closely at the bottom of the grill.

I got down on the deck just to see what it was like in his little hiding spot.

Such a cutie. Of course, then I wanted to get him to come inside, but he was having none of that. He prefers being in his kitty tent, underneath the grill. Boy will he change his mind about that when we grill later.


Elizabeth said...

what a bad cat. I'm so glad he's going outside now to burn some of the craziness off.

Sara said...

I'm not really a huge cat person, but those are the most adorable pictures ever.

Camilla said...

so cute!