26 July 2007

More progress

I spent a couple hours in bed watching Charmed, one of my favorite brainless television shows. If I am going to knit, I can't watch anything that requires too much attention or brain-power. For instance, the last time I tried to knit to LOST, I had to un-knit the rows I'd done while watching because they were messed up.

I knit two inches from where I was when I took the progress picture yesterday. It's looking pretty good. I tried it on again last night and the results are below. I'll probably do another inch and then start on the edge. It's hitting right at my hips, and I want it to be a little bit below the top of my hip bone.

Overall, thus far, this has been a great project. It's taken me a little longer than I wanted it too, which is understandable considering I had to pull out so much of the lace. From what it looks like Green Gable is a top down knit too. So, I might venture to do that one soon.

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