17 July 2007

Much Ado About Knitting...

As some of you know, I have been frustrated with Rusted Root's lace...

I had made two mistakes - one about 10 rows in and one about 20 rows in. I toyed with the idea of frogging the entire thing, but settled on pulling out only the lace. I did that on the way back from NY on Sunday evening. Yesterday, while at the doctor's office, I made some good progress reknitting the lace and putting in lifelines. It sounds silly. And I'd never heard of it before, but I found mention of it in the Nautilus pattern and I did a little Googling.

What an amazing idea!

For knitting lace and patterns, just use a tapestry needle and some differently colored yarn, and send it through your knitting next to your needles. In the event that you need to rip back, you won't have any trouble picking up your stitches. Once you're done, or well past the spot where you inserted the lifeline, just pull out the yarn.

And a complete side note, I think I did something very wrong. I sent a friend to KnitPicks and she ended up with $50 in yarn! Eek!

Also, to atone for my sins of buying new yarn when I've already got quite a stash... The Nautilus hat was project 1. I have several other skein usage projects in my head... Hats, scarves, doilies - you name it!

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Sara said...

but all the yarn.. it was just so pretty..