12 July 2007

Night off!

Instead of going to personal training tonight, I am taking the night off. Knitting is number one on my agenda, since I've already made dinner I am ready to go.

For dinner, I whipped up some spring rolls with cellophane noodles, spinach, green onions, carrots and mushrooms - too be served with peanut sauce. Delicious.

Now, here are some pictures of my progress on Rusted Root. I tried her on, and I think she fits!

Looking good. And damn, I think those sleeves just might be poofy.


herding tapeworms said...

peanut sauce. mine.

herding tapeworms said...

ps. new mix in progress.

Knitty Pilgrim said...

OMG I love it! Are you working from a pattern? Or just "feelin" it? Great job. Look forward to viewing upon completion - I'll be checking back in.

Camilla said...

wow - that's great!