21 July 2007

Poor form?

Is it poor form to post more than once in a day?

Here's my day in a nutshell: woke up before 5:00am to take the redhead to the airport, watched the sunrise when I got back from the airport, took a catnap before turning on OLN to watch today's bit of the Tour de France, metroed down town and went to the Botanical Gardens, the Sackler Gallery and the African Art Museum. I did take my knitting and whipped that out on my metro rides, much to the amusement of the kids on the metro. Much like last weekend in NYC, the weather was perfect and nearly temperate. There was an amazing breeze and beautiful blue skies.

A little knitting in public.

The Washington Monument and the Capitol Building (not Mr. Bush's house as some over-sized American tourist was telling his kids.)

Some beauties from the Botanical Gardens - an orchid and a bromeliad arrangement. And yes, I could identify both of those by sight before going to the Gardens.

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