24 July 2007

Rusted Bat.

This post's for you.

So, I'm pretty sure that not too many people look at my blog. I mean, I see the stats. 30 people a day. Not too bad - however - most visit for under 10 seconds. That's not so long...not really long enough to even look at the pictures.

But JJ visits regularly, and she doesn't even knit. (Well, she did one time, but I think it was because I forced her to allow me to teach her.)

She called my beloved/hated Rusted Root, Rusted Bat - possibly the funniest thing ever. It's somewhat appropriate too. Rusty Nail would probably work too. Here's a picture from yesterday afternoon. I had a long long meeting and I knit during the meeting. I cranked out another inch.

So, I knit, I blog, and I hate my job. This morning, I knit on the way into work - no I wasn't driving - THIS TIME.

I do knit in the car. In fact, check this pic out - I took it last night en route home. I knit at the stop lights and in traffic. If I'm not moving, it seems like the perfect time for stockinette.

I got to work and painted my toenails - I have open toed shoes today and my toes weren't so pretty.

Then, I measured Rusted Bat to see how she was doing - 10" from underneath the armpit. She's coming along, and I am pretty sure I should be done soon as long as I can have a few minutes to sit down and actually spend some good time knitting.

Here's my deal: she's a little too big. Kind of roomy in places where I am not. I don't think I'm willing to unknit her at this point. I think I'm more likely to donate her to a friend and knit another one up for me. We'll see. Of course, I can't necessarily vouch for that for sure, because I can't exactly try her on while I'm at work.


herding tapeworms said...

you can give her to me. i'm roomy in places you aren't. like my ankles

IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

The rusted root looks fabulous at least! I had heard that about that pattern :(

THanks for stopping by my blog for the contest. Look forward to seeing the finished Rusted Root!