09 July 2007

Rusted Root Progress! Finally!

Finally, making some progress. This is so exciting. Many thanks to my Anonymous friend, who commented to my Rusted Root Confusion post. I decided to follow their advice and do the sleeve increases. I tinked over an inch, to get back to a particular point in the pattern. Then, I pushed forward. I am right at 6 inches into the pattern, thanks to the stifling heat and being camped in the house in front of bad movies all weekend. The lace pattern is really starting to take shape. (I am a little concerned about the billowiness of the lace part at the top and the tightness of the sides of it. See the picture. It poofs up at the top.) I will be starting to shape the armholes starting the next round. Aside from the slow and tedious stockinette, this has been moving along quickly. It's such a great pattern. I am thoroughly enjoying it. I have half a mind to work on Green Gable next. It's pattern looks to be similarly top down, and I really have enjoyed how simple and elegant Rusted Root is thus far.

Of course, sadly, in the process, I've all but forgotten my cabled aran, who seems stalled at 55%. Like many of my WIPs and UFOs, I'm just burnt out on it. I've worked on it for too long to be excited to push to finish it. With Rusted Root, the random orange thing, and Karen's pending matching hat in the queue...it's not looking good for my cabled beauty. However, if I can get my butt in gear and start commuting in to work via METRO, instead of driving everyday - I would have significantly more time to knit, and push through all of my projects. We'll see if I can start getting out of bed earlier so that I can metro in some this week.

I am hoping to post the details for Karen's scarf either later today or tomorrow. I have to try and take a picture of the giant thing - and we all know how crappy my phone camera works. It's much better in natural bright sunlight.

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