22 July 2007

Weekend of plants.

I was a bit disappointed to find someone asleep on my couch this morning, thereby preventing me from watching Stage 14 of the Tour de France. From what I've read, it looks like today was an excellent day!

I woke up entirely too early after yet another night of not enough sleep. I headed up to Baltimore for a massage and some quality time with mom. Mom took me to Cylburn Arboretum. It was a beautiful day to be walking around and enjoying being outside again. And given my love of plants, I was in heaven.

Here are some photos to enjoy:

Mom in front of the Cylburn Mansion and some lovely marigolds.

Some lush curly mint and a picture of one of the gardens.

A rose and some zinnias.

Dahlias and an adorable bench surrounded by crepe myrtles and spruces.

I did take my knitting with me. I got at least an inch done on Rusted Root. I'll do more this evening and give a better update tomorrow.

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herding tapeworms said...

how'd that massage work out? will continue our lovely game of phone tag later tonight if i can rip myself away from harry potter