31 July 2007

Work, Schmurk.

Last night, I took some work home with me. I was thinking that I'd spend a quiet evening getting ahead. My desk at work looks as though everyone in the department stores their paperwork on it.

Unfortunately, I didn't get very far with the working at home thing. In fact, I didn't get anywhere.

Instead, Chrissy came over. (Her blog is amazing...and I'm not sure why she hasn't updated it recently. Heckle her if you get a chance via comments.) We ate, drank and watched Law & Order. It was excellent. This weekend, when I got the Pumpkin Ale, I also got some Allagash Dubble and a case of Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA. I thoroughly enjoyed both.

I also got to plug along on Fifi. She's slow going. With this yarn, and this size needles, and all the cables. This could take a very long time. I am happily into row 28 though. I'm a little sad that I'll be working out at Simply Fit tonight rather than knitting...but I guess that's how I'm allowed to drink the beer.

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Nancy said...

oooooh! that is coming along SO pretty.