13 August 2007

Clean cars and delicious coffee!

This weekend was great, as seems to be the theme this summer. Friday night, I got home from work and I washed my dirty, tiny, blue civic. Doesn't she look pretty!?!?!

And then, finally, to celebrate the new job, I went out to a fancy dinner with Chrissy. We went to a restaurant that I'd never really heard of before. It's called Palette. I think the dinner was delicious, but the dessert far surpassed the dinner. Their Tres Leches was out of this world.

Then, on Saturday, I went down to Fredericksburg, VA. I used to live there and still have friends to visit. As usual, it was just beautiful there. I'm always struck by the quaintness of it - and the slower pace of life! I got to enjoy my favorite restaurant, Sammy T's. Sadly, the service was crappy, and as most of my friends know, that really sets me off. Afterwards, I got to enjoy some coffee from my favorite coffee shop, Hyperion Espresso.

As for knitting, I got some done while at a standstill on 95 South. Fifi is coming along! I finally decided to walk on the wild side and do the cabling sans cable needle. It's been working so well. this yarn is perfect for that!

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