24 August 2007

Codeine and progress.

I have the day off to recover from having my wisdom teeth out. I've been plugging along on both the ice cream and Fifi. I have finally gotten to the lower bodice in Fifi and I'm hoping that it goes quickly. I'm only about a centimeter along, but I think I have a good shot - if I can only find something decent to watch on TV, I'd be good to go. I can't seem to find Law and Order; we don't get the channel with Murder, She Wrote; I guess I'm going to have go find myself a DVD of something to watch.

I'll post another picture a little later once I've gotten a little more finished.

[Edited 11:58am.]

Here's another hottie picture of myself taken today while icing. I think I look a little less stoned and a little more coherent. Or alternately, less like a hostage and more like Hannibal Lector. Sexy, I know.

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