16 August 2007


Recently, I've been swamped with figuring out the logistics of moving 4 hours south of DC to NC. When do I move? What do I take with me? Do I need to get rid of stuff? Will my redhead fit in my suitcase?

It's been pretty stressful. I know that this position with Duke Law is really right for me. I am, for the first time in years, excited about where a job can take me, rather than simply pushing myself through the workday. It really is amazing the power of being able to visualize yourself in a work environment... I can picture myself working at Duke in this position and several positions down the line. It's all very exciting.

Speaking of visualization: there is a beach in my near future. It's been too long since I had a nice vacation at the beach with friends. I cannot wait. There will be reading, knitting and sunbathing in my very near future!

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