10 August 2007


Well, ladies and gentlemen. It has been a week. A good week, at that.

WOO. I am so happy!

Here are the things that have happened:
  1. I got two job offers, and from that I got a new job, which I am ecstatic about.
  2. I got to go visit my friends in North Carolina and I spent two nights down there.
  3. I got a digital camera.
Clearly, things are looking up.

Here's what I've been doing:

I am beyond row 40. Woot. Go Fifi, it's your birfday.

I guess this is really upside down, but it's still lovely.

The two things that are in my purse: knitting and a gifty for the redhead.

**A giant shout-out to my mom who got me the digital camera for my birthday.**


Amanda said...

I have that exact same camera. I am in love with mine, enjoy!

Camilla said...

congrats on everything! what is the new job?