07 August 2007

Kara - with a K

A good friend of mine from high school is having her first child. She and her husband are planning on naming the baby Kara...they haven't decided on a middle name. I thought my middle name would be perfect, but I think she poo-pooed the idea.

So, I'm starting to percolate on all of the things I want to knit the baby, and what's actually possible. Eek!

If anyone has any insight on what they think I should knit for her, or what some of the best knitted gifts are - please let me know!

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Amanda said...

Is your friend a knitter? One of my dearest friend's just had a baby boy and I knit him a blanket (which she loved) but when talk started about booties, soakers, and hats she just gave me a look as to say, "don't get carried away, I'm not gonna have one of those kids that always wears crafty looking things" But I think when I finally start and finish Sheldon, that will go to the little guy. I guess I really didn't answer your question did I? Sorry!