03 September 2007

Baby on the way - new knits ensue!

It's been a nice long weekend thus far, which has been filled with boxes, packing and trying to get rid of stuff. It's hard for me, but I think I'm making headway. A motivating factor is this: my other roommate has been away but will be returning tonight. Ergo: I must make progress and then return the house to a clean-ish state.

In addition to packing, I've hung out with my mom, been to the sculpture garden twice, eaten Thai, been to the Air and Space Museum, and played a bunch of bored games. And napped. I did get to nap. If I become SUPER motivated and pack up some of my lovely crap and return the house to order, I am contemplating going to the Maryland Renaissance Festival for tasty treats such as Macaroni and Cheese on a stick! (I also like that I look comparatively normal to most of the people there...) If the house is not magically returned, then I will be stay here, destined to box my life away one shirt/skein/pen/belt/shoe/bag of fiber at a time.

Fifi has remained untouched...scorned almost in the face of...

:::Drumroll, please:::

Despite the ongoing, Medieval scroll of projects I have going, I have started another project. Silly though it seems, it is completely necessary. I have a soft deadline of November 3rd and a hard deadline of December 19th to produce a lovely and well-knit baby blanket.

I have been anxious to try to the Hoover Baby Blanket from Knitty, since it went up in 2003. It has been started!

For some strange reason, for the last baby that was born close to me, no one bothered to tell me that the mother was 1) pregnant and then 2) that she'd had this second child until waaaay after the fact. At that point, one has to just say - well, it really is a bit late to knit a baby blanket, now isn't it? I will not let this opportunity pass me by!

And many know about my first baby blanket experience... In short, I didn't measure, I just cast on to make a garter stitch-bordered, stockinette stitch checker board blanket. (Say that 3 times fast!) No counting, no measuring. It ended up being about 4"x5" and of course, made of a wool blend. It was quite the project to be carrying around in my purse for a quick knitting fix. It took far longer than I'd like to admit.

So, with dear little Kara on the way, I am determined to produce some adorable knits BEFORE she is born. So started this blanket, and so shall shortly follow something similar to the BSJ or the Pea Pod Baby Set.

I will post pictures when I've got something worthwhile to show.

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nenny said...

Good luck! That's a pretty awesome story for a knitting pattern. I'm mentally filing it away in case I become ambitious before my sister's due date.