24 September 2007

Bad Knitter.

Rewind with me, if you will, to June and perhaps May.

Remember me sweetly knitting my good rugby pals, Joanna and Jocelyn, some team colored items.

There was a lovely scarf and a cute hat.

They were never given to those friends until this past weekend. I intended to sew labels on them...but really...I was embarrassed. Who wants winter gear just when summer is starting to heat up?

I was happy to be able to deliver the goods...FINALLY...without labels, of course. I am a lazy bum.

In other news, perhaps knitting news even, I maybe giving up knitting to instead read about knitting on Ravelry. My knitting output seems to truly pale in comparison to the likes of those knitters whose blogs I read. It seems to me that even with amazing encouragement I am still simply slow. It's sad. I have such amazing aspirations...and again...such low output. It seems more logical for me to simply just read about knitters, and admire knitting online rather than try and compete for the attention and affection of other knitting bloggers.

Ok, ok. That's a load of crap. I'm on the brink of finishing Fifi. I'm done with one sleeve. If my amazing roommates weren't cooking me dinner tonight, I feel certain I could finish her. Perhaps tomorrow. Then, once she's done... Back to baby items. Per Sara's suggestion, I will be finishing my UFO baby cardigan first, then moving on to the baby blanket. Everyone love a FO. Hopefully, I'll have some up by week's end.


Jocelyn said...

I love my hat!!!

bruiser said...

what is a FO?