20 September 2007

Bitching and moaning

Here's an interesting story:

Dr. Whyvonne and I both had enough work to do that we needed to get out of the house. We had several options, that filled our criteria of being close, having coffee and tea and free wifi: Francesca’s, Saladelia, and The Mad Hatter's Cafe. We tried Saladelia first, and it sadly closed at 9...since it was 8:30, we decided we'd have to try a different option. We headed down to our standby, Francesca's. Aside from having a lovely friend named Francesca, I had also been to Francesca's before. In fact, I'd been a week earlier. And I'd had my first Durham cup of coffee at Francesca's.

We drove over, got rockstar parking and headed in.

At 9pm on a Monday, the cafe was populated with college and grad students with coffee looking somewhat frazzled and glazed over, like the desserts they had next to them. There were only a few people getting ready to get things at the counter, and I was pleasantly surprised to find a transgendered woman standing behind the counter. When I was leaving DC, I was concerned that I would really miss the wide spectrum of people, so this was refreshing.

We walk up and patiently wait our turn while dessert is served to the couple in front of us. Our transgendered friend calls out for the next in line, and I step up:

Ms. T: Do you know what you want?
Me: (Gazing above the counter looking for a tea list.) I'd like a cup of tea, but I can't seem to find your tea list.
Ms. T: (With an exasperated, very audible sigh.) It's right here. (Points to the counter.)
Me: (I immediately pick the first tea that I see in order to not hold up the line of two people behind us.) Could I have the mint tea?
Ms. T: The (something-something) mint?
Me: No, actually, the Marrakesh Mint. (Smiles.)
Ms. T: Oh, THAT mint. (Sighs.)

Dr. Whyvonne's service was equally bad, riddled with sighs, eye-rolling and snarky comments. I'd actually have to say, that it would only have been worse if Ms. T, attractive as she was, had spit in our drinks.

Well, we'll work our way onto bigger and better things! If you're familiar with the Durham/Chapel Hill/Carborro areas, PLEASE SUGGEST SOME RESTAURANTS! I'm eager to try out some new stuff!

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The_Add_Knitter said...

Carrburritos in Chapel Hill and Elmo's in Durham, check them both out...and I have also had hideous service at Francesca's!