25 September 2007

Knit Blogging Glossary

Here are a few helpful terms (borrowed from http://www.loopyknits.com/glossary/):

  • BUFO - Boring UnFinished Object. Also see UFO.
  • DPs, or DPNs - double points, also known as double-pointed needles
  • FO - Finished Object. The goal of every knitter! This indicates a fully completed knitting project.
  • Frog - To rip out the stitches in your knitted fabric, either part of the way or all the way back to the beginning. (Say it out loud for the full effect: “Rip it! Rip it!” Now you know why we talk about “frogging,” “visiting the frog pond,” etc.) For a related term, also see tink.
  • KIP - Knit in Public.
  • KAL - Knit-Along. This is an event when people are working on the same pattern at the same time; can be in person or, more commonly, online.
  • LYS - Local Yarn Store
  • LYSO - Local Yarn Store Owner
  • OTN - On the needles (refers to a knitting project currently underway)
  • SnB - Any of the “Stitch ‘N Bitch” books by Debbie Stoller; also may be part of the name of a local knitting group.
  • Stash - Your personal cache of yarn.
  • Stitches - Well, of course there are the stitches of whatever you are knitting. But “Stitches” is also a major U.S. knitting conference organized by Knitter’s Magazine.
  • Tink - To carefully unknit your fabric, stitch by stitch. Tink = “knit” spelled backwards. For a related term, also see frog.
  • TKGA - The Knitting Guild of America
  • UFO - UnFinished Object. Just one of the items in your “I’ll get to that someday” knitting pile. For a related term, also see BUFO.
  • WIP - Work in progress.
Just so the non-knitters know what I'm talking about...