12 September 2007


My mother has been driving me crazy. Or maybe I'm driving me crazy! I can't explain it. As soon as I got a job that I like, I suddenly have nothing to talk about!

Her: How was your day?
Me: Good.

Her: How's the new job?
Me: Great!

Her: How are your co-workers?
Me: They're really nice and helpful and friendly.

Her: How was the drive to work?
Me: Short, easy and virtually traffic-less.

Her: How's the weather?
Me: Hot.

Her: Doing anything fun tonight?
Me: Just relaxing at home.

Her: How's the living situation?
Me: Still wonderful.

What the hell? Since when do I have nothing to say???

1 comment:

bruiser said...

you have nothing to say? ;) i guess being happy and content at work means less dramariffic issues to chat about...