13 September 2007

My crib

I'm finally getting organized in the new place. For those of you who know me, you know I have a ton of crap. I have books, DVDs, yarn, fiber, shoes, clothes and furniture... And a lot of each.

Well, I really pared down to live in my new abode with my hostesses with the mostest.

So, here are a few pikkies of my room. It's still a little disorganized, but it's mostly the way it will be for a while to come. Plus or minus a box, and plus or minus a plant.

Note: Box of knitting stuff on top of the bookshelf. Crate and Barrel box of knitting stuff on bottom of bookshelf. Plastic tub of leftover knitting yarn next to Crate and Barrel box.

Note: Handknit blanket from Grandma on bed. Best iron ever on dresser. Well-stored pile of bags next to chair.

Note: Pirate mug Arrrr.


herding tapeworms said...

it's so cozy. when you get lonely (which i hope you don't with yvonne at your disposal) you can just nuzzle your knitting boxes and suckle the skeins until you fall asleep...

bruiser said...

looks like you have settled in nicely. :)

eje said...

arrr. looks good, matey.

what's a pirate's favorite knitting pattern?