18 September 2007

Predicament and Fall Fever

September 15th. That's what I always say. Come September 15th, the weather will finally start to be tolerable, and possibly even pleasant. As someone who sometimes relishes the steamy summer conditions of the mid-Atlantic region, and someone who sometimes will wait a full minute or two before turning on the air conditioning in my car on 90-degree days, I am looking forward to sweater weather. Despite sometimes enjoying the enveloping swelter of the summer, I have been patiently waiting for cool breezes and long sleeves.

This weekend, the weather finally cooled down. I wouldn't necessarily call it cool, but after an entire summer of living in a steam room, the humidity broke. The weather has been wavering between the mid-70s and the mid-80s, with a lovely breeze. The leaves have already started falling from the trees, sadly, because of the drought conditions all summer. This, THIS is what I have been waiting for.

I get both Spring and Fall fever: when good weather brings bad behavior. Spring fever is often defined as restlessness and laziness at the onset of spring. It doesn't manifest itself in me that way exactly. For me, my energy is focused on being outside and experiencing the season change. I have a lack of focus in everything from my conversation skills to my knitting to cleaning my room.

The redhead visited this weekend and we got to enjoy the outdoors a bit walking, riding bikes and eating breakfast outside. (Props to the redhead for having the forethought to bring both of our bikes down here where they will get used.) It was a glorious weekend...which left my room unattended and in shambles. Starting Sunday, each morning I have struggled to find my wallet, keys, clothing and work ID. Each evening, I must un-bury my bed in order to retire for the evening.

As for my knitting bits - I've got boxes and containers of yarn and knitting accoutrements strewn about my room. I have several projects that I'm working on: Fifi, a hat, and a baby blanket. They are all piled in the corner (a very clean nice corner). To take them with me during the day, I have to untangle them and then bunch them up to shove into my small-ish purses. And in addition, I have NO interest in working on any of those projects. I want quite anxiously to start a new project or two or five. I've got so many delightful patterns and the accompanying yarn for those projects that it seems to be a crime not to start something new!

With no new project, I must slug along at Fifi until I've finished her. I think we all know that if I put my full effort into knitting anything else that I may never return to Fifi. So, I knit...ever...so...slowly. I wanted to finish her 2 weeks ago...and then last week... Honestly, this week isn't looking so good either. The weather's so nice. There are rugby games and friends and redheads planned for the weekend.

What's a knitter to do? I need that baby blanket (which I've heard is quite slow itself) by November 3rd. Perhaps I should try a less cumbersome version of the blanket? Perhaps a different blanket all together? Perhaps I should just buckle down and do it? Perhaps I should put the baby blanket on the back burner and do a baby sweater instead?

Or...maybe I should just go for a nice long walk around town...because we all know that this weather won't last forever.


Sara said...

Finish the UFO baby cardigan!! Then you have a baby sweater as a backup. Does putting on buttons take a while?

bruiser said...

go for the walk!!

mish said...

i think you should multi-task (it is one of your strongest skills) and knit while taking the walk. that's my two cents.