27 September 2007

The State of Things.

Fifi isn't completely stalled. She's been moving along. This picture is from last week. I had two flights to work on her and didn't do too shabbily. I've done a couple inches on the bottom and I've started one of the sleeves. But I am officially abandoning Fifi in order to work on my Hoover Blanket. (A special thanks to Nenny and my other friends who kindly and firmly encouraged me to fucking finish Fifi. Sadly, it wasn't enough. Next time, please send cash along with your encouragement.)

I ran errands last night and I accidentally got this lovely purse and these adorable buttons for the UFO baby cardigan.

Here's my blocking baby cardigan for soon-to-be baby Kara. (It is the 1 and only UFO baby cardigan.) Once I sew on those cute little star buttons, she will be all done!

And last, but not least, my hand stamped cards for baby Kara's shower.

I far prefer not working on deadlines for knitting projects. It stresses me out and prevents me from taking my time and feeling engaged of my own accord. I really want to finish this baby blanket in time for the November 3rd baby shower. I have faith that I can do it. I am thinking after some research on Ravelry, that I may try Variation 3 instead of Variation 2. Apparently, it goes quite a bit quicker.

And as for future projects, while I'm on the subject of babies...and baby knits... I will soon have the Baby Surprise Jacket pattern in hand, and I have these light-hearted colors to create a very special striped amoeba.

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bruiser said...

wow. lots of projects!