12 September 2007

To Do Lists.

My knitting "To Do" list increased 5 fold once I started using Ravelry. Not only is it easier to organize the progress on each of your current projects, but it's also amazing to see and play around with patterns that other people are currently working on. Seeing several views of the same piece in different yarns is incredibly helpful.

Queued, I've got a TON of Interweave things. Truth be told. I have never knit anything from Interweave Knits, but I have lusted. Oh, I have lusted.

The redhead will bring with her this weekend 6 precious Interweave Knits magazines. And, like any good internet lurker, I have perused the depths of Ravelry to check out every possible angle for lovely Interweave Knits FOs.

With those FOs as a stepping stone, I will find myself knitting some of the following:

Eye Candy photos all copyright of Interweave Press.


bruiser said...

I like the middle one on the left. I think you should knit yourself the blazor like one with the single button. I think that would look great on you.

eje said...

I also like the middle one on the left. As in: make me one of those in a lovely color please.