11 October 2007

The Bikehorn iPod, Beloved piece of Technology and Companion, Dies at age 4

The Bikehorn iPod was an archivist of many different genres of music and a connoisseur of playlists of all varieties and timbres. She died in the arms of her owner on October 11th, at Duke Law School in Durham, NC.

The cause is yet unknown, but hospital officials suspect heart failure.

Even into her last days, the Bikehorn iPod strove to keep a positive outlook on life and continued sharing only pleasant songs and memories with those around her.

She was born in Japan in an Apple Factory in the fall of 2003, and was given to Sarah as an early Christmas present. As a second generation iPod, Bikehorn iPod felt lucky to have the solid-state scroll wheel, a dock connector and custom engraving. State of the art at the time of her birth, the Bikehorn iPod retailed for nearly $500. Despite fast developing technologies, and her owner's tendency toward lustful technological dalliances, the two stayed close through the years.

Sarah fondly remembers opening the square box near Thanksgiving of 2003 and feeling completely overwhelmed with the thought of having to upload her entire music collection onto her computer and then onto her iPod. Commuting daily between Fredericksburg and Washington, DC, the two had ample time to bond. In late 2004, it became obvious that the Bikehorn iPod's hunger for music was insatiable but her capacity was sorely lacking. In the fall of 2005, on a trip to North Carolina, the Bikehorn iPod underwent a reformat in order to help Sarah and their iBook friend, Djuna Barnes, with a much needed music-overhaul.

Together, this happy Mac-y family lived at 6 different places together. Sarah and the Bikehorn iPod drove all over the east coast, went running, went to the gym and got pumped up for rugby games together. Sarah and the Bikehorn iPod also traveled on two trips to France together.

In summer 2006, the Bikehorn iPod was pre-deceased by her friend and constant companion Djuna Barnes, an iBook 600MHz Combo. Soon thereafter, they welcomed into their home e.e.cummings, a MacBook Pro 2.16GHz 15-inch (Core 2 Duo). In spring 2007, Sarah and the Bikehorn iPod welcomed a new addition into their family - a green second-generation clip-on shuffle. The Bikehorn iPod is survived by Sarah, two Griffin iTrips, a Belkin RoadTrip, the green shuffle and e.e.cummings.

The Bikehorn iPod will be greatly missed, but her amazing spirit and legacy will continue.

A memorial service will be held this weekend. For more information, please contact me. In lieu of flowers, please send cash, check or money order to the “Sarah's iPod Replacement and Upgrade Fund” care of Bank of America, Durham, NC.


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nancy said...

my heart goes out to you in your time of grief. it sounds like the Bikehorn iPod lived a long and fruitful life.

bruiser said...

perhaps we should pay a visit to Santa at Macy's while we're in NYC for Thanksgiving...

eje said...

you must be in shock. my deepest sympathies.

Camilla said...

i have it on good authority that iPod heaven is a nice place ;)

mish said...

you are such a dork. i couldn't even finish reading this post!