23 October 2007

Blankety delicious.

As I'm moving forward with the baby blanket, there are a few things I need to keep in mind:
  1. Blocking.
  2. The gap at the bottom where I started the double knitting but wasn't twisting the yarn.
  3. Making the transition between the border and the double knit middle section look better.
  4. Crocheting along the edge.
  5. And my deadline!!!
I was thinking that I could hit 1 & 2 at once. I was thinking of doing one of two things. My first option was to run some pink ribbon around that edge between the double knit and the border just to clean it up. And my second option is to do that with yarn. I realize that the ribbon would probably look better, but it would require me to figure out how to secure it and without access to a sewing machine and without much creativity, I just don't know how I'd do it. Blocking should be easy.

I am about 65% done with the blanket. It will be just over a square size. (It's 27" in width x nearly 18" in length.) My goal is to have a function blanket to keep the baby warm, that can eventually be transitioned into a security blanket when she gets a little older. Perhaps that's a tall order, but I can always hope.

T-minus 11 days until I need to have the blanket finished, blocked and wrapped for my trip up to NOVA to deliver said items. So, no matter what pretty bits I want to add to the blanket...I still have to meet that deadline.


In other news, I had some bad General Tso's tofu yesterday, which made me rather ill. I was out of commission for the better part of the afternoon. I left work to go home early and camp out in my bed. For dinner, I made myself some delicious homemade vegetable noodle soup and had it with a tiny cute little loaf of bread.

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