16 October 2007

Colonial-isms and Carolina-isms.

It was a long weekend with little knitting and no iPod. I'm suddenly feeling quite panicked about the baby blanket, along with the knowledge that I will be in DC for work next week doing little to no knitting again.

So, here's some pikkies of the blanket currently. It's coming along. I estimate that I'm a little over a third of the way through. I'll be spending some time this week working on that. I'm pleased that I reached the foot mark!

In music news, I've been obsessing over some Brandi Carlile, Ben Gibbard, Peter Bjorn and John and The Libertines for the last 24 hours. I can't seem to listen to much else. I did spend a good part of the weekend listening to some mixes I made a while back, which included everything from 50 Cent to Sophie B. Hawkins.

Ben GibbardCarolina

I spent the weekend cuddling up with the redhead in Williamsburg. I hadn't really realized that I needed a weekend away until I was out and about in Colonial Williamsburg far from my current life's stresses, and pick-up trucks with testicles. The weather was amazing. We had some good food, some good wine, good beer, and a couple plantations to boot. We were lucky - it was a reenactment weekend. While I know that being a reenactor isn't my schtick, I can appreciate that others do enjoy it. I highly recommend experiencing a little history down there. Need recommendations? I've got opinions about pretty much everything.

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eje said...

what? no new posts??

it might rain up here today.... I'm SO EXCITED. maybe you all will get some, too?