05 October 2007

Exploring the area.

I've had a busy week this week, which has gotten me several inches further along in the baby blanket!

Monday, I watched a friends Ultimate Frisbee game in Carrboro. It was chilly enough out and despite my long pants and fleece jacket, I was still cold. It was a welcome refreshment from the heat and humidity that we've continued to see during the day all this week.

I definitely got at least a half inch done when I wasn't hooting and hollering!

On Tuesday, I went to see a screening of Zero Degrees of Separation. The screening was part of a queer film series at UNC-Chapel Hill. The film details the complexities of two Israeli-Palestinian couples living in Jerusalem - one lesbian couple, one gay couple. The film was populated with images that the director, Elle Flanders, filmed herself and images from her grandparents' (who were instrumental in the founding of the Israeli state) home videos. It was an amazing film, albeit a bit heavy on her grandparents images, which were sometimes a bit slow moving.

During the film, I cranked out about an inch in the dark of a college lecture hall, which felt more like a high school auditorium.

But last night, I definitely fell of the knitting wagon. I got a mere row done while my friends and I enjoyed dog sitting and eating dinner at Southern Rail. I was thoroughly impressed at the restaurant itself, the atmosphere and the food. I had scallops, which were amazingly moist and tender, and I was happy to find that they had Allagash White on draught. My friends and I agreed that everything we got was delicious and the flavors were well paired. The decor was outstanding - the owner bought two rail cars and linked them together and built around them to create a unique dining experience (see my shoddy picture). Since the owner owns restaurants that I enjoy in DC, I wasn't surprised that I was completely impressed with my experience at Southern Rail.

But hopefully, I'll get back on the knitting wagon at some point this weekend...but it's not looking good since there's both a wine tasting and the promise of hiking...

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bruiser said...

sad it was too hot for hiking. next time.