01 October 2007

Finally - blanket progress.

I went to DC this weekend and the weather was near perfect. We enjoyed Thai food and an amazing Brandi Carlile concert on Friday. I got to see and hang out my best friend too. Saturday, we had a great brunch and then spent some (frustrating) time in Baltimore's Inner Harbor with my mother.

Saturday night, we went to a movie in Silver Sprung. We saw Feast of Love - a book I read a few months ago. Sunday, we had an amazing breakfast at Liz and Kati's house including bagels and lox and a scrumptious caramelized onion quiche. I wish I had a picture of the delicious spread. We ate outside and enjoyed entirely too much food.

In knitting news, I really have put Fifi aside to give the Hoover Baby Blanket my undivided attention. Last Thursday, I pulled out what I had done on the blanket because of a weird pocket that had formed between the two layers of double knit. On the way up to DC, I started anew. I switched to knitting the 3rd variation of the Hoover Blanket pattern. It's moving pretty quickly at this point. I've done over 3 inches. Now that I've gotten familiar with how to hold my yarn and what it feels like to do the double knit, I am definitely moving along more quickly than I was before. I'm hoping that I will be able to finish this within two weeks.

In other knitting related news, my good friend Sara from my last job, sent me a glittery card with a treasure inside: a gift certificate to Knit Picks. I played around on there last night and I hardly could contain myself. I wanted everything. I decided to wait a little while until I have a better sense of what I actually need...

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Sara said...

I think you should put the picture of the card online so everyone can truly appreciate it's awesome-ness